Local Shops

Discover the Local Shops near Gitcombe Estate.


General Shopping at Totnes

6 miles from Gitcombe Estate

Totnes prides itself on being a Fairtrade town with an overall ethical ethos, you will discover many products which are handmade, local or fairly sourced, from jewellery to fashionable clothing, fresh food to organic skincare, plus traditional butchers, modern art, glassware, stationery and so much more.


Greenlife Vegan Shop

6 miles from Gitcombe Estate

Greenlife are one of the largest Health Food Shops in the South West. Located at the top of Totnes on the busy market square, they have been supplying the town and its visitors with wholefoods, remedies, eco goods and organic foods for more than 30 years. If you are vegan or looking for vegan gifts for friends or relatives, they are well worth a visit. Their huge range of vegan products includes everything from vegan honey substitutes to vegan quiche! Alongside dairy alternatives and meat alternatives they sell vegan savoury snacks, biscuits, cakes, wines, vitamin supplements, body care products, plus amazing vegan ice cream, and their range of vegan chocolate is second to none. Brands include Booja-Booja, Vego, Ombar, Conscious Chocolate, Raw Chocolate Company and many more. You are on holiday, you deserve a treat…

Greenlife are open from 9am – 6pm Monday to Friday, and 9am – 5.30pm Saturday. Visit their website for more information.


Sainsbury’s Dartmouth

6 miles from Gitcombe Estate


Lidl in Dartmouth

6 miles from Gitcombe Estate


Morrisons Totnes

6 miles from Gitcombe Estate


General Shopping at Dartmouth

8 miles from Gitcombe Estate

Shopping in Dartmouth offers a unique experience for everyone! With an eclectic mix of specialist shops and big high street names, in a charming and historic setting, the town is a popular destination with all kinds of shoppers, especially those looking for a little bit of retail therapy.


The Foxx Exchange

8 miles from Gitcombe Estate

When visiting Dartmouth, discerning Ladies with an eye for fashion should prioritise a visit to the unique Boutique known as the Foxx Exchange– this Dress Agency is situated within the Old Market Square in Dartmouth, Gitcombe will arrange transport!

The Proprietor (Tracie Fox) will greet you with a warm welcome – that immediately puts you at ease, before she uses her vast Fashion knowledge to help you create a stylish look, blending affordable new and pre-loved Designer/High Street items, without spending a fortune.

The results being an effortlessly chic look!

You can not fail to leave the store without a purchase (or two!) from Tracie’s ever-changing stock

As an added incentive, Tracie offers her special ‘Private Party’ and ‘Girlie get-togethers’ for various occasions – inspiring women to try-on and wear what they truly love, this popular service inspires Ladies to combine style with confidence.

If you fancy a Personal Shopper experience, Tracie is happy to offer her famous 1-2-1 private Shopping service or Party

This can be arranged either within her 11:00hrs – 17:00hrs of operation or after hours by appointment contact Tracie.


Riverford Organic Farmers

11 miles from Gitcombe Estate

We’re mad about veg – it’s at the core of everything we do. We’ve been growing it since 1987 and offer all sorts of veg, fruit, grass fed organic meat and more, fresh from our farm. Everything we grow and sell is organic.