Historic Sites

Discover the Historic Sites near Gitcombe Estate.

Britannia Royal Naval College

Britannia Royal Naval College

7 miles from Gitcombe Estate

For many years the Royal Navy has trained British and other nations’ naval officers both ashore and at sea.

Today Britannia Royal Naval College acts as their alma mater wherever they trained.

Dartmouth Museum

Dartmouth Museum

8 miles from Gitcombe Estate

The Dartmouth Museum is a small but fascinating museum that exhibits a wealth of interesting information including an exhibition on the Mayflower.

The Castle at Dartmouth

The Castle at Dartmouth

8 miles from Gitcombe Estate

One of the most beautifully located fortresses in England. For over 600 years Dartmouth Castle has guarded the narrow entrance to the Dart Estuary and the busy, vibrant port of Dartmouth. It offers stunning views of the estuary and out to sea and offers a great family day out, whatever the weather.


Buckfast Abbey

12 miles from Gitcombe Estate

Since time immemorial, deer have been drawn to graze in the sheltered meadows which line the banks of the river Dart in this Devonshire valley and quench their thirst in the cooling waters which flow here from high up on the moors and down towards the sea.


Greenway House Agatha Christie

14 miles from Gitcombe Estate

Agatha Christie called Greenway ‘the loveliest place in the world’ and treasured it as a holiday home for her and her family. They filled each room with items dear to them, brought to Greenway from Ashfield, Agatha’s childhood home, and their travels and extensive collections. In the house you can see all of this just as Agatha and her family left it.


The Golden Hind

15 miles from Gitcombe Estate

The Golden Hind at Brixham is a full sized replica of Sir Francis Drake’s Tudor Galleon and is one of the most iconic ships from the age of exploration. The Ship has been a feature of picturesque Brixham harbour for over fifty years, entertaining and educating thousands of visitors during this time – as well as being featured on many tv programmes and films.

A striking landmark in Brixham, every visitor on board contributes to the restoration and maintenance of the Ship, ensuring that ‘Brixham’s Treasure’ will continue to enhance Brixham’s beautiful Quayside for future generations…